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October 18, 2023
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Team Hive

You're invited to join us at our upcoming 'Creating Signature Spaces - Interactive Interior Design Workshop', a relaxed event for women in property, offering interactive workshops and expert advice on space planning and interior branding.

We're inviting you to take a day out of your busy schedules to learn, network, and be inspired at our Hive Autumn Meet event – happening on Friday 10th November at The Beeston Social in Nottingham.

During the workshop, you'll hear practical advice on how to improve the design and layout of your rental properties (regardless of your strategy) from our experienced hosts, Jade McNeil from Beespace and Mary Osman of Elite Dwellings.

Through interactive activities, shared knowledge, and group discussions, you'll gain practical insights on how to create signature spaces that reflect your brand and attract your target market.

Whether you're a beginner in the world of property, or you're wanting to sharpen up your existing portfolio of rentals to create a better ROI, this workshop is the perfect option for all skill levels and property strategies.

Reserve your spot now, or find out more about what you can expect from the day below.

Who is this event for?

This female-only event welcomes everyone regardless of their skill level in property development, or their chosen property strategy. Whether you're a novice just dipping your toes into the world of property, or a seasoned professional with a healthy portfolio under your belt – this workshop has been designed to benefit all.

You don't have to be a member of The Hive to come along and meet our community, and we are open to welcoming your little ones too (under the age of 1), so don't hesitate to bring them along if you need to – as we know more than most about the struggles of childcare!

What should you expect?

Through interactive sessions, you will learn to master the art of planning practical spaces, and creating designs that mirror your unique brand identity.

You’ll get to meet face-to-face with online friends, and a new community of like-minded women looking to do incredible work in the property industry, and revolutionise rental accommodation.

Our expert-led sessions will have you brimming with fresh ideas and motivation to apply what you've learned to your properties. So, get ready to be informed, inspired, and supported by design experts as you socialise and connect.

Here's what we'll cover.

Part I – Understanding Space Planning, with Mary Osman

We're thrilled to be joined by experienced Architect and Property Developer, Mary Osman from Elite Dwellings.

Mary has worked on a number of high-end, luxury projects including a landmark residential building for the ex-Mayor of Shanghai in the heart of Sydney. She has an exceptional eye for design and is largely responsible for the luxury and stylish interiors achieved in Elite's projects. Mary also gets to share her talents as she teaches architecture and design to University students in Leeds and Manchester.

Mary's section will uncover the importance of space planning in property development, ensuring that property owners understand how to combine functionality, aesthetics, and end-user satisfaction when creating remarkable spaces.

She will delve into topics such as:

  • The importance of space planning
  • Its influence on the end-user experience and tenant satisfaction
  • Understanding scale, ratio, and proportion
  • Balancing functionality with style
  • Laws of space planning
  • The role of colour and texture in the perception of space
  • Designing with the right end-user in mind
  • Designing for well-being (and why, as a modern landlord, you should care about this)

How will this session benefit you in your property development journey? Mastering space planning can really transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for end-users. By understanding the fundamentals and implementing these concepts, you'll be able to create thoughtful spaces that elevate a property's appeal.

Part II – Brand Storytelling Through Interior Design, with Jade McNeil

For our second session of the day, we'll be joined by Jade McNeil, the brains behind BEESPACE and The Hive Members Club. With tonnes of experience in property development and design, plus her work as a property mentor and consultant to some of the best names in the industry, Jade is the go-to person when it comes to property branding and design.

Jade will unravel the power of branding within interior design, and how it can inherently influence a property's identity and audience relation.

She will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding your brand's influence on property development
  • Creating a signature look that stands out in a crowded market
  • How brand identity and interior design overlap
  • Telling a story through elements like colour, texture, and artwork
  • End-User and target demographic considerations
  • Staying consistent across multiple properties
  • Strategic brand implementation (and how not to alienate your audience)

How will this session benefit you in your property development? This section should help you comprehend the immense potential of brand storytelling through design and how it can strengthen a property’s (and wider portfolio’s) identity. By incorporating a property's brand identity into its interior design, developers can weave a compelling and memorable narrative, contributing to the uniqueness and appeal of the property in an oversaturated market.

Part III Interactive Workshop - Translating Your Brand into a Physical Space

A major part of our event will be the interactive workshop, where attendees get to implement the knowledge they've gathered from the sessions and case studies.

This experiential learning acitivity will encompass:

  • Engaging, interactive exercises
  • Being tasked with space planning a hypothetical property
  • Putting the knowledge learnt during the sessions into practice
  • Space planning critique and problem-solving
  • Curating mood-boards for a hypothetical property
  • Showcasing your understanding of conceptualising a brand within a space
  • Practising designing for different strategies
  • Open-discussion to share designs, ideas, and feedback

How will this session benefit you in your property development? The main goal of this workshop is to provide attendees with a hands-on learning experience. The various activities are designed to aid attendees in experimenting with translating a brand into physical space and planning spaces effectively, in order to help them learn through doing, providing valuable skills they can use in their future professional projects.

Case Study Examples

Throughout the day, you can expect to gain inspiration and behind-the-scenes insights from other successful developers in the industry and their diverse strategies, showcasing how they have effectively integrated branding into various property types (HMO, BTL, SA).

Using real-world case studies (some never seen before) as examples throughout the different sessions, we hope that it helps you not only grasp theoretical principles but also understand how you can successfully adapt and employ these insights in your own projects.

An Open Forum for Advice

We'll wrap-up our event with an engaging Q&A session where you get to take the stage!

This is your opportunity to ask our experts any questions or seek further advice on how to apply what you've learned during the event to your own property development and interior design practices.

Don't miss the opportunity to network with our experts, and your fellow attendees. The connections you make at our events not only offer you a supportive and collaborative environment to exchange ideas but could also open doors to future partnerships and collaborations.

Rest assured that you will leave equipped with a deeper understanding and all the essential tools required to bring your newly acquired knowledge to life in your own property development and interior design practice.


Get ready to transform your property design and space planning — reserve your place today!

Please note that lunch and drinks during the session are included in the ticket price.
Tickets are non-refundable