Are there any necessary requirements to join?

All we ask is that you are passionate about providing quality properties and experiences, you share our ethos, and you're ready to be different, be bold, and make an impact!

Is The Hive Members Club just for property developers who work with HMOs?

Not at all. We have personal experience in all types of property strategies, including HMOS, SAs, buy-to-lets, and flips, and so (alongside a variety of experienced Masterclass guests) we'll be sharing our knowledge and advice on all of those.

No matter what your strategy is, building a strong and authentic brand is always the key. And to make sure you're getting the content you need to grow, we're committed to covering a variety of topics via our wide network of property developers and investors on our Masterclass Sessions and downloads.

Why should I join The Hive Members Club?

The Hive Members Club is the only place where female property developers can come together to learn, connect, and grow.

We have worked hard to build an amazing and diverse online (and offline) platform where our members can wholeheartedly trust the content and information they are given. We have absolutely everything you need within this space to grow as a brand and take your business to the next level - and we are passionate about making sure your membership continues to offer the highest level of value month after month, year on year.

What benefits do I get as a member?

You can read our full list of benefits back on our home page.

In summary, as a member you will::
· Receive access to our extensive interactive Branding Programme, where you’ll learn how to connect into your brand and effectively brand your spaces through cohesive interior schemes
· Receive exclusive invites to regular Member Meets, where you’ll be able to build strong friendships with like-minded female property developers (please note: to cover overheads for the event, including food, drinks, co-host travel, and venue hire,  additional ticket charges do apply)
· Look forward to a new Mastermind Session each month, where you’ll hear from industry experts about an array of interesting and relatable topics.
· Join monthly drop-in Interior Design Clinics with Jade herself to talk through your projects, interiors, and brand
· Be welcomed into our supportive and flourishing Slack community where you’ll be able to chat away and seek support from our amazing group of members and experts

Can I pay monthly rather than be tied in for the full year?

Yeah definitely. We have two types of membership options to choose from to suit your needs, a monthly rolling subscription or a full annual membership.

Can I re-join at any point if I regret my decision to cancel my membership?

Of course! We completely understand that sometimes you may have to cut spending or reprioritise your membership contracts - so we never want our members to feel bad about canceling. If you think that you’d like to rejoin The Hive Members Club after canceling, you are most welcome to. You’ll gain all of your membership benefits back on return to your membership.

Will I be able to access past Mastermind Sessions and Downloads if I join later on in the year?

As soon as you join The Hive Members Club, you will have immediate access to our archive of past recorded Mastermind Sessions and Downloads - so you’ll have an abundance of learnings to go through and keep you busy.

Is the Branding & Design Discovery Programme a course?

The programme isn't an official course with merit, but it is really exciting interactive online programme that will lead you through the process of branding your business and your interiors. Who needs a certificate when you can come away with a defined brand direction anyway, right?!

Will the Branding & Design Discovery Programme take a long time to complete?

The interactive programme is laid out in bite-size sections that are easy to follow and complete. Each stage involves informational videos created by Jade, with some sections requiring interaction and homework to be completed by you - so be prepared!

There are nine stages in total to the programme, each one made to be easily digestible so that you can tick them off in your spare time (and we know just how rare spare time can be at times - looking at you mums!)

We really wanted the programme to fit around your life and everything in it, so there's absolutely no time limit or expectations set. The process relies heavily on you really connecting into your brand and spending quality time discovering your brand identity, so we encourage a slow, steady, and natural approach to do your brand justice.

What do I get at the end of the Branding & Design Discovery Programme?

At the end of the interactive programme you'll have a solid set of brand values, a well-defined brand direction, and the skills needed to apply your brand to future property projects with ease and clarity, in order to brand your space. Your brand direction document and mood boards will be ready to send off to a designer to turn your visions into reality.

I'm already happy with my current branding for my property business, would there be any benefit to me joining The Hive Members Club if I won’t take value from the Branding Programme?

Absolutely! We have so many downloadable resources, live Masterclass Sessions, and face-to-face meets in our calendar. Along with a thriving community of women just like you, that you could gain a huge amount of support from. The Branding Programme is just one part of what makes The Hive Members Club so amazing, but there is so much to explore and take value from!