A Beginners Guide to Lettings, for Women considering self-managing their Properties

December 1, 2023
Written by
Team Hive

Have you been considering stepping into the world of property letting, or are you currently preparing to self-manage your very first rental property?

Whether you are just mulling over this idea or already have your hands on the wheel but aren't quite sure of the direction, don't worry!

Starting out as a new landlord, especially if you're planning on self-managing, can be overwhelming. It's a journey strewn with regulatory requirements, safety obligations, tenant relationships, and, of course, financial considerations.

We have dedicated this blog post to you - the empowered woman keen on diving into property letting. But if you're looking for a more in-depth read to get to grips with self-managing, you might want to download our comprehensive 'Beginners Guide to Lettings' (available to download inside The Hive Members Club), which will see you through this journey with clarity and confidence.

Decoding Lettings - Why Download Our Guide?

Having a comprehensive list of guidelines to check in with can help guide you through the demands of self-managing your property investment. Here's what our 'Beginners Guide to Lettings' will help you with:

• Paving your road to compliance
• Streamlining tenant related protocols, right from pre-tenancy procedures to handling fees and deposits
• Offering an insightful anthology of necessary safety certificates
• Listing invaluable contacts and resources
• Kick-starting your start-up

The Importance of Compliance

Any conversation about property letting is incomplete without talking about compliance.

Violation of these laws could lead to potential fines. But, how do you ensure compliance without knowing what you need to comply with?

Our guide offers easy-to-understand explanations of rules that govern property letting, ensuring that your venture has a perfect legal footing.

Harnessing the Right Safety Certificates

We cover the required safety certificates, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your property's safety standards.

Have questions about gas, electricity, fire safety, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)? Our guide serves you the answers and channels your path towards a sound and secure letting business.

Understanding Tenancy: The Pre-Tenancy Procedures And More

Acclimatising to tenancy procedures might be nerve-racking initially. However, our guide offers details on ideal pre-tenancy procedures and tenancy agreements, providing you with much-needed assurance.

Additionally, we navigate you through the world of deposits and fees, ensuring seamless handling of financial matters.


The road ahead will be challenging, but with the right guidance, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

While experience is the best teacher (as well as being in a supportive group of people in the same position), having a handy guide that prepares you at every step will undoubtedly help.

Don’t forget to download your 'Beginners Guide to Lettings' when you join the Hive for only £19.99 – and embrace the new world of property lettings!

Best of luck and we are excited to follow along with you on this adventure!